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“The Secret Ingredients for ACQUIRING and RETAINING  Clients”

Your success in business depends on getting new customers…and keeping them. That seems obvious. But what’s not so obvious is what it takes to create relationships that are so strong your clients want to continue working with you for years.


In this webinar you’ll learn:


  • The #1 question to ask yourself before every conversation with a potential client…so you relieve any pressure around making a sale
  • The 3 questions to ask clients on a regular basis…so they develop a fierce devotion to you and your company
  • The 5 magic questions to ask yourself and your team after a mistake or lost opportunity…so you learn from the experience for next time
  • How to identify your company’s core values…so you can communicate and live them consistently
  • Why building trust outperforms tactics or gimmicks every time…and what you can do to earn that trust
  • The 3 critical communication skills you need to connect at a deep level…so people look forward to hearing from you


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