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How to Get the ROI You Want from Learning and Development Programs How to Get the ROI You Want from Learning and Development Programs  – Find out how to maximize that all-important investment in your employees.
Dark Secret of HRD The Dark Secret of HRD – Discover why most training and development programs don't result in changed behavior...and what to do about it.
Support Coaching Support Coaching  – Learn how you can help others get strong for life and work by being their support coach. Includes FREE access to 9 videos.
Dozens of articles about leadership, people skills and personal strengths by Denny Coates and Meredith Bell.

“The Secret Ingredients for ACQUIRING and RETAINING Clients”

In this 2015 exclusive webinar for Linked University VIP Club, Meredith Bell shares specific strategies she’s implemented during the past 25 years to build and strengthen relationships with her two business partners, clients and resellers.
Meredith Bell
    Meredith Bell

“Becoming a Better Leader” on Smashing the Plateau
with David Shriner-Cahn


What we covered:
  • How to develop positive, dynamic and longstanding relationships
  • Why having “shared values” will lead to long-term, productive partnerships
  • Why performance coaching is critical in managing your team and growing your business
  • Why committing to your team’s development will make you a superior leader
  • The importance of modeling the behaviors you want to see in your team


“Dramatically Improve Sales Productivity through Systematic Coaching” on Accelerate! With Andy Paul


Even though “sales” is in the title, this interview has valuable information for leaders in any type of position. What we discussed:

  • The difference between MANAGING and COACHING
  • Why some managers avoid the coaching role
  • How managers can become more effective coaches
  • 5 questions a manager can ask when an employee makes a mistake
  • Why an attitude of SERVICE beats other approaches in building a relationship


“ProStar Coach” on Natural Born Coaches with Marc Mawhinney


The audience for Marc’s podcast is coaches – all kinds! In this interview, Meredith described how she has informally coached her company’s resellers, clients, and potential clients over the past 25 years. And now she reaches even more people through their online coaching system, ProStar Coach.



    Denny Coates

“Mythbusters: The Dark Secret of HRD and What To Do About It”

In this interview with Suzie Price of Priceless Professional Development, Denny Coates debunks 4 myths about training within organizations and discusses the importance of personal strengths and people skills.


Listen to this revealing podcast NOW! (60 minutes)


“What Every Manager Should Know About Leadership,” A series of 8 interviews.

In these eight video segments, Meredith Bell interviews Dennis E. Coates, Ph.D., creator of ProStar Coach. Denny draws on over 45 years of leadership experience to deal with some enduring questions about how managers can become strong leaders.
YouTube Channels
Strong for Leadership Strong for Leadership

Get bite-size leadership tips and insights from Denny Coates and Meredith Bell.
Your Voice of Encouragement Your Voice of Encouragement

Watch short videos that include stories, lessons and encouragements from Meredith Bell.
Dennis E. Coates, Ph.D. Meredith Bell
Dennis (Denny) E. Coates, Ph.D. 
Meredith Bell

Blog: Building Personal Strength Blog: Your Voice of Encouragement
Building Personal Strength Your Voice of Encouragement
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